Friday, April 28, 2017

Homework 28th April

Dear classmates, please take note of the following information:

Math: Students who have not completed the Mathematics Common Test 2016 paper are to complete and hand up to Mr.Peh next Tuesday (2/5/17)

ICT: Please complete the video using CGI provided by Mr Chua and hand up AFTER common test.

Science: Please complete the Physics revision worksheet given by Mr.Tan, to be handed in next Tuesday (2/5/17)

- Please note that there will be no school next Monday due to Labour Day, stay at home and revise for Common Test which starts on 3rd May, Wednesday

- Please note that Common Test 2017 will be starting on the 3rd of May, Wednesday. With Language Arts as the first paper and with Health and Transportation Science as the last topic. Make use of the long weekend to revise thoroughly all the topics, concepts and factors. All relevant notes can be found in the Google Classrooms of all subjects. Exam dates have been posted below
Study hard and I wish you good luck for Common Test!

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